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Colors in interior decoration

Colors comprehend an integral part of the interior decoration of a room. Colors can express one's personal preferences or the current fashion, and evoke various atmospheres. However, picking out colors to a room comprises a range of other aspects as well. It is important to pay attention to how we perceive colors, how the environment changes them and how they interact with each other. By considering these things we can decorate rooms that will please the eye also in the long run.

On these pages, we consider questions of color in interior decoration. The presentation is based on the notions of the Finnish architect and lecturer Seppo Rihlama (b. 1923), who has specialized in matters of color and lighting. We intend to discuss the general significance of the subject and the implications of each color in particular. Additionally, we will treat the function of colors in Network Oasis, a working environment in Joensuu.

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