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Yellow carries contradictory messages. It represents joy, vibrancy and playfulness, and on the other hand, gall, envy, and when pale, illness.

Yellow is a color that captures attention. To animals, particularly when combined with black, yellow means warning. In traffic signs, yellow is, in addition to red, a color of caution. Furthermore, yellow has signified contagious diseases ? for instance, SARS specimens have been labelled with yellow triangles.

Yellow also attracts attention in printed publications. A number of studies have indicated that black text on yellow background most efficiently captures the attention of a viewer. Yellow is the color that the human eye perceives first. This fact is exploited, for instance, in newspaper posters and covers.

The term "yellow press" originated in the United States in the 1890's, as the newspaper The New York World introduced the use of two printing inks, black and yellow. During the same decade, the method of four-color printing was invented ? the colors being black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Yellow has been a highly appreciated color in ancient cultures. In eastern countries, it has been connected to power. For example, in China, yellow was worn nearly exclusively by the family of the emperor. They were regarded as having "the yellow fluid of life" streaming in their veins. Yellow has symbolised deity in many religions. The color has referred to the sun, which has been associated with god. That was a common belief e.g. among the Ancient Greeks, Persians and Aztecs.