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These web-pages are part of a color exhibition at the North-Karelian Museum. The exhibition concerns colors, history of color, cultural meaning of colors, and color research. The total exhibition is a combination of the physical exhibition in the Carelicum museum and the part, which expands to the Internet through these web-pages. There are also frequently changing part, both in Carelicum and in these web-pages.

The exhibition is realized in cooperation with the North-Karelian Museum, the University of Joensuu, InFotonics Center Joensuu, and the North-Karelian Polytechnics. In addition to these local partners, the National Museum of Japanese History (Rekihaku) is a cooperative partner.

During the exhibition, live cooperation between color exhibition and the Rekihaku museum will be tested by using modern information and communication technology. There are also lectures to the public and workshops for pupils included in the exhibition activities.

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