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InFotonics Center Joensuu

InFotonics Center Joensuu is an internationally recognized center for applied research, founded in the University of Joensuu in 2003. The center combines knowledge of photonics and information technology, the top research concentrating on wave-optical technology and spectral colors. The expertise Infotonics Center is based on high-level fundamental research in physics and computer science performed in the University of Joensuu. The Center also connects the university research and the industry which applies its results to practice. InFotonics Center is an active partner in international research networks as well.

In the region of Joensuu, there is a concentration of approximately 100 people specialized in photonics and spectral color research. In these fields, university researchers have founded 4 companies in the environs of Joensuu. The companies are Nanocomp Ltd. (1997), Optoinspection Ltd. (2003), MGM-devices Ltd. (2005) and SoftColor Ltd. (2005).