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Shades of Colors exhibition 25.01.2007 - 02.09.2007

Museum of North Karelia, Carelicum, Koskikatu 5, Joensuu

Colors constitute a significant part of our everyday life. The essence of colors has been discussed since ancient times in philosophy, art, natural sciences and psychology. No exhaustive theory of the subject has been presented yet. We are not going to do that either. On the contrary, we wish to introduce the visitors to the extensiveness of colors as a phenomenon, the variety of aspects it comprises.

The exhibition "Shades of Colors" presents color expertise based in Joensuu. InFotonics Center is an international top-level research unit, subordinate to the university of Joensuu, and specialized in the digital simulation of colors. The development of digital technology has brought new demands, figuratively speaking, a new shade to the research and interpretation of colors.

There is also a section in the exhibition devoted to Japan. It provides perspectives to how the results of digital color research are being utilized in the National Museum of Japanese History Rekihaku. A number of objects in the Museum of North Karelia, on view in this exhibition, have been shot for the first time by using the new digital technology.

A starting point for the exhibition was to present colors in the physical environment as well as via multimedia and the Internet. This enabled us to respond to the various demands of the visitors and widen their experience of the subject. The exhibition also comprises four multimedia presentations which introduce the visitors to color temperature, the color palette of icon painters, the decorations of a kimono and how colors are interpreted depending on time and place.

We hope that these web pages related to our exhibition will provide interesting additional information on the subjects handled.