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Shades of Colors

The exhibition was created by

Museum of North Karelia

InFotonics Center Joensuu

North Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Degree programme in Communication

Degree programme in Fine arts and Design


We would like to thank the following:

Finnish Cultural Foundation

Kimiyoshi Miyata, Rekihaku, Japan
Mr. Sawada, Rekihaku, Japan
Norimichi Tsumura, Chiba University, Japan
Mr. Ochiai, Chiba University, Japan
Riikka Räisänen, Department of Home Economics and Craft Science, University of Helsinki
Olli Ronkainen, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Kerttu Kalteinen, artisan

and Päivi Hintsanen, coloria.net.
We would like to recommend the website www.coloria.net which provides an imposing amount of information e.g. about the history of colors.