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Grey is often conceived of as a symbol of everyday duties and dullness. A "grey person" and "grey work days" do not sound like flattering terms. Grey is also often associated with dubiosity: grey market is an activity held in secrecy.

Is grey a color actually? Grey is located between black and white, and it does not even have a complementary color. On a computer screen, grey consists of uniform proportions of RGB colors. For instance, the grey border on the left of the page is comprised of R 128, G 128, B 128, the value of each component being equal.

Even if 256 different shades of grey can be presented on a 24-bit computer screen, there are quite a few words to describe grey: light grey, medium grey, dark grey. Beautiful shades of grey can be extracted e.g. from plants, but no source of grey or a location with deposits of grey has become a designation for the color. Regarding other colors, the opposite is true: there is, for instance, Paris red, Prussian blue, indigo blue, carmine red and so forth.

One of the best-known grey shades is graphite. It is a common form of occurrence of carbon in nature. Graphite is slightly greasy and it is not water-soluble. In fact, pencils should be called graphite pens, as pencil cores generally consist of graphite. Fine clay is often added to the core. The clay content varies between 30 ? 70 %: the more clay, the harder the pencil.