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Roses have always been highly appreciated because of their beautiful blossoms and their lovely odour. Roses are a traditional honour at special occasions, e.g. on Mothers' day.

There are hundreds of different rose species. Following the theme of the week pink, we present here some pink ones.

In Finland, there are six species of wild roses. The emblematic flower of North Karelia, the so-called Karelian rose (Rosa acicularis) has plain pink flowers. In Finland, the species can be found abundantly only in the area of North Karelia and North Savo. In addition, Karelian rose is cultivated in gardens.

The rose of Papula (Rosa Pimpinellifolia group, 'Papula' ) originates from Viborg, the mansion of Papula that accommodated a boys boarding school in the 19th century. A story tells that the wife of a teacher of mathematics brought the rose from a trip to Germany. The densely petaled pale pink flowers smell, literally, rosy.

The summer rose (Rosa poppius) is well suited for Finnish gardens. It flourishes in entire Finland, except for the northernmost Lapland. However, the habitat of this species should be sunny and the soil nutrient-rich. The shrub-formed summer rose can grow up to 2 meters tall. The pink blossoms unfold in July.

Roses with particularly big blossoms, growing in clusters, are called Grandiflora. The species Queen Elizabeth (Rosa Grandiflora group, 'Queen Elisabeth'), capable of growing 1 m tall, is well suited for cut flower use, its stem being thick and straight. The multi- petaled, pink blossom looks attractive and the odour is intense.

According to Victorian flower symbolism, all roses of distinct color convey their own messages. Pink roses suggest affectionate feelings, dark pink ones gratitude and pale pink ones admiration and sympathy.