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Yellow is a color of Easter. While black is a symbol of the death of Good Friday, the light colors of spring, yellow and green, denote the joy of life.

Finnish Easter decorations include small yellow chicks, to be placed in grass grown on a plate. The yellow chick hatching out of an egg is related to the symbolic meaning of eggs: the new life and spring. The chicks emerged in the Easter decoration and card industry in the beginning of the 20th century and they have remained a popular theme up to the present day. Thus, the hens and the yellow chickens have become a part of the Easter decoration through the egg, an ancient symbol of life.

Yellow also appears in the flowers of Easter: Daffodils, Spring Squills and Tulips.

Sun yellow is one of the yellow shades of Easter. In northern Europe, there is an old saying that even the sun dances for the sake of the resurrection of Christ. In Finland, people used to gather together in the cities and in the countryside to view the sunrise of the Easter Sunday. Perhaps the refraction of light in the atmosphere of the horizon caused a phenomenon seeming like the sun would "dance".