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Black is regarded as a stylish color, a shade that remains fashionable from time to time. It has been said that black suggests individuality and independency.

Black belongs to the dressing code of various groups of people. For instance, many gothic and anarchist people wear it. Black can also imply formality and seriousness. It is a common color in funerals and e.g. in the dresses of players of classical music. Black as a color of clothes has been highly appreciated since ancient times. In order to produce black, clothes had to be dyed several times - thus, black clothes were more expensive than others.

Stereotypically speaking, black has been a color of the evil and white a color of the good. In fairy tales, evil witches are dressed in black and good elves in white; in classic westerns, the villains have black cowboy hats, the heroes white ones.

Black is connected to religions, professions, and political alignments as well. Groups of people wearing black include monks, priests, policemen, and judges. Previously in history, also inquisitors and pirates had black clothes. As a political color, black has often referred to extreme right wing.

In many Asian countries, black is not a negative color. For instance, in Japanese culture, black is connected to a high position, age and experience. Moreover, in eastern martial arts, black belt signifies the highest skill.